Fees/rebates available for Psychological Health and Wellbeing Services (PHaWS)

Fees Under Medicare

Some clients may be eligible for a rebate through Medicare if they are referred by their General Practitioner (GP), Psychiatrist or Paediatrician via a Mental Health Care Plan. A maximum of 10 Mental Health Care Plan rebates for individual sessions can be accessed per calendar year per client. Up to 10 group sessions can also be attended, if indicated and agreed by your referrer. Group sessions attract a different rebate and fee.

Allied Health staff such as Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and Occupational Therapists are also trained to be able to provide Focussed Psychological Strategies in the same way a Psychologist is, but have a different fee schedule. Please refer to the table of fees. Some clinicians do offer Health Care Card holders a discount of $30 per session.

The Medicare schemes which attract a rebate (and are outlined in the fee table) include :

  • Better Access to Psychological Therapy (with a Mental Health Care Plan)

  • Chronic Disease Management (Up to 5 sessions within the calendar year) has a different rebate. Please enquire. 

Bank card details and/or payment of the deposit is taken when making your first appointment at PHaWS (we accept cash, bank transfer & also have EFTPOS/HICAPS facilities available), with the rebate provided from Medicare processed on the same day of service via our HICAPS or online system.

Fees Under Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA)

If you hold a Gold or White DVA card and have been referred by your GP, or another health professional, and you are an eligible veteran, the total cost of a consultation is payable by DVA. Approval must be provided by DVA before psychological services can be provided by PHaWS.

Fees under Workers Compensation

The cost of a consultation is payable by your Workers Compensation Insurer. Please ensure that approval is provided by the Insurer before psychological services are provided by PHaWS. If services are used and you are not approved, you will be liable for the full fee.

Fees under Victims of Crime

The cost of a consultation is payable by Victims Services – NSW, for eligible clients. Approval must be provided by Victims Services before psychological services can be provided by PHaWS. Please phone 1800 633 063 if you want to apply (with phone support) or go directly via their website:

Fees under Private Health Insurance

We welcome clients with private health insurance.

Please check your eligibility with your Health Fund before your appointment to avoid disappointment. Any rebate from your Health Fund will be subject to your eligibility and applicable fund cover. Not all of our clinicians are eligible providers with some Health Funds, please check with us before relying on this payment source

Full payment or bank card details are required prior to the appointment at PHaWS (we accept cash & also have EFTPOS/HICAPS facilities available), with the rebate provided from Medicare returned to you on the same day of service via our HICAPS or online system. Once eligible, any rebate can be claimed, on the same day, through our HICAPS system.

Clinician rates can be found in the table of fees.

Clients using your self-managed NDIS package

Please refer to the table of fees for more information.

Private clients

We welcome private clients. Please refer to the table of fees for more information.

Payment and late notice policy

To secure your appointment; PHaWS admin staff will take your bank card details and pre-authorise the appointment fee. This may be different for some third party referrals and we will discuss these policies with you when you make your appointment. Your personal information will be secure and will be destroyed when your treatment is complete.

Our late notice policy is based on the same rationale as the airline industry, where you pay for your seat whether you arrive at the airport or not. Given that the time has been set aside for you, if you do not use it, then it is unlikely at short notice it can be used by anyone else. We trust you will agree that this is a fair and reasonable policy and we thank you for your understanding. A late notice change to an appointment is a loss to three people: The client who is delaying their therapy progress, another client who has been on the waiting list to see the psychologist, and the psychologist who spent time preparing for the session Please, therefore, make sure you attend your appointments.

If an appointment needs to be cancelled or postponed, at least 24 hrs notice is required, otherwise the full appointment fee will be charged (where applicable). Providing us with 24 hours’ notice allows us to try and contact other clients on the waiting list who may be interested in attending at the scheduled time. Unfortunately at such short notice this cannot be guaranteed. However, if we are able to fill your appointment, we will let you know that you will not be charged the appointment fee.

This is necessary because there may be people waiting to see the clinician, and your appointment could be allocated to someone else with enough notice. Another reason is that our clinicians need to be paid whether you attend or not.

Following the late notice change or non-attendance we will call to make sure that everything is okay. When the cancellation fee is paid we will be able to offer you a further appointment.

If you have cancelled or not attended two appointments your clinician will have a chat with you about barriers to attending appointments and try to help you find some solutions.

You will be informed if your card is going to be charged and a receipt will be provided.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) cancellations will be managed in line with their policies.

Appointment availability

Our service is available 6 days a week between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday. Late weekday appointments until 7pm and Sunday appointments are by arrangement only.

Please phone 02 4037 5811 during office hours as above, to make your first appointment.
Subsequent appointments can be made with the receptionist in person or over the phone.

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