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Multi-Disciplinary Clinicians

The breadth of experience within the team means that we can be flexible when considering your needs. All of our clinicians adhere to their professional Code of Conduct, are Registered with their professional organisation and have all relevant security checks up to date and just as importantly will offer you a respectful, collaborative and confidential experience.

akivra bouris accredited mental health social worker

Akivra Bouris

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Akivra Bouris (MSW (UNSW), MHASW) is a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker. She has over 30 years clinical experience in a range of fields highlighted by the psychological treatment of young people and adults and the counselling of couples and families where there are relationship problems. Experienced and committed to helping people who have experienced workplace bullying, domestic violence and child abuse. She has an interest in and experience supporting people to recover from trauma-based depression and anxiety using evidence-based interventions. She has an interest in using couple therapy to treat depression. Akivra will help you with mental health counselling, trauma counselling, grief and loss counselling, couple and family relationships counselling, and will support you with workplace-based problems. Akivra is an experienced clinical supervisor, trainer and academic. She is available for EAP small group workshops on topics such as resilience building, and stress management and she is available for the Clinical Supervision of individual practitioners and agency-based practitioner groups. 

natasha kiemel incorvaia registered psychologist

Natasha Kiemel-Incorvaia

Registered Psychologist

Natasha is a registered psychologist who is committed to providing her clients with a therapeutic space built on respect, non-judgement, compassion and integrity. She has experience across a variety of settings including, private, employment, paediatric and educational. 
Natasha works with adults, parents, children and adolescents with various presenting issues ranging from mood and anxiety disorders, emotional dysregulation, study and work problems, self-esteem and life transitions. She has a particular interest in the impact and the role of trauma in such disorders. Natasha is trained in various treatment approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and has undertaken a 4-day course in Neuropsychotherapy. 

Meet The Team | psychologist

Louise Gourley


 Louise has completed a Bachelor of Counselling Degree and is a Level 3 Member of the Australian Counselling Association and a qualified Clinical Supervisor.  Over the past 15 plus years she has honed her experience by embracing a wide range of counselling areas, and has worked with many people experiencing drug and alcohol, mental health, work related issues, grief and loss, domestic violence, family and relationships issues, she has worked with elderly people with dementia and people with an intellectual disability and their carers.  Most recently she has worked with farmers and their families in NSW who are experiencing mental health illness and suicidal ideation due to the ongoing drought. Following her Diploma and Degree in Counselling Louise continues to embrace her education and has completed other clinical training in areas such as Functional Family Therapy and Narrative therapy ensuring that she can provide a  best practice service.  In addition to individual, couple and family face to face counselling Louise also has experience  working with clients as a telehealth counsellor. Facilitation of formal and informal group  have provided excellent supports for people who feel isolated in their situation, benefit from a sympathetic and safe environment whilst learning from each other and gaining personal empowerment. As a counsellor she offers an authentic compassionate, insightful and challenging support to clients, understanding that the past and present need not dictate the future. 

debbie duke service director

Debbie Duke

Service Director

Hi everybody, Thanks for visiting PHaWS. I hope that we can help you in some way in the future. I am lucky enough to have 30+ years working with people of all ages who are experiencing mental health, psychological or emotional concerns, both in the public and private sectors. Over the last ten years I have managed and directed services that offer evidenced based psychological interventions and I have been lucky enough to witness the huge impact they can have in improving a person’s mental health and quality of life. I believe that we all deserve to lead the best life that we can and that if you are brave and strong enough to seek a little help when you need it then I want to make sure that my service can provide you with the best clinicians available.